About us

LionZ Den Gaming ('LDG') is the ultimate mix between GAMING and ENTERTAINMENT

Who are we?
We host regular gaming events targeted at both gamers and non-gamers, filled with competitions, big prizes and live entertainment.
Tell me more?
Our LDG events provide an action packed competitive GAMING experience which includes
- a free, knockout style, tournament with cash prizes
- winner-stays-on booths 
- opportunity to play against the best players in the city, country or even the World! 
- and many other adrenaline pumping competitive gaming activities.
Non gamers:
Wait... What about for the non-gamers? Or what do attendees do while they wait? 
Well, since we like to keep everyone engaged during their LDG experience, we also offer the best in ENTERTAINMENT with commentary on big games, live entertainments from up stand up comedians, DJs, music artists and more. We also have an open plan set up which gives customers an inclusive overall experience.
Can I watch the show online? 

Yes, the entire event will be recorded, including interviews with players to give them the limelight they deserve. Great publicity for the gamers that want to showcase their talent to the world!

Overall this is an event for all ages, all abilities and anyone who wants to feel the buzz...

Are you ready to enter the Lionz Den?